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The Roots of

Vine Planner

The roots of Vine Planner started growing back in 2013. I was a recent graduate of Georgia Southern University and just accepted my first teaching job at a middle school in Houston County, Georgia. I was so excited and nervous! I couldn't wait to start planning for the upcoming school year.


As I was browsing aisles of different stores and popular planner websites, I noticed a trend. I could either choose a planner tailored to teachers or choose a planner that included God's Word. I wasn't able to find a planner that included both. I knew one day I wanted to change that.

I never got around to watering the roots until the world changed in 2020. My role as teacher has shifted from Mrs. Reid to Mama Reid. I am now blessed to have the opportunity to be a homeschool mom to my precious son, RJ. 2020 was a challenging year, but it also brought joy. My husband, Ryan, and I welcomed our second baby boy, Luke, into the world. It was also the year God put on my heart to pick up my watering can. 

My first planner was a teacher planner. I dedicated the planner to my Grandma, Esther Carver, who taught for 30 1/2 years in Savannah, Georgia. And even though she has moved to her heavenly home, I can still hear her say, "Love you, love you, love you, Sharol Lynn." 

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